Monday, September 15, 2014

Cabaran 30 Hari: Hari 15 - SURAT KEPADA SESEORANG

surat kepada seseorang ye? untuk seseorang yang belum pernah jumpa boleh tak? boleh la ye...

dear still unknown future husband,

i hope you're living well with your life now. whatever you're doing now, either working or studying, do it wholeheartedly. save money for future and gain as much knowledge as you can so you can be a leader to our family and great father to our future kids. i will do my part to my very best. i will learn to be a good wife, a favourite daughter in law to your mother and father, and a super awesome mother to our future kids. i hope you are working on it too. this is teamwork bro!

never forget your family, specially your mother. practice from now on how to really take care your family because when the right time come, you will have your own family and super cute wife.haha.

on top of all, always remember Allah. put Allah in your heart and practice Islam as the way of your life.  

i may not be your dream girl, i may not be that beautiful girl you always imagine and i may not be the one with genius brain, but you should know that the moment you said 'aku terima nikah Nurfarahin binti Zainuddin', i am the one for you that Allah has written long way before you're created. please accept me as who i am on the day we met, not the past of me. i've lots of weaknesses that might trouble you. hehehe. but then i believe we will never regret to live together.

i know life is sometimes kinda complicated and hard, but insyaAllah we will go through thick and thin together no matter what happens when we are married. may Jannah be our final destination.

your still unknown future wife =)

haiisshhh...10-20 tahun akan datang tak tahu la apa perasaan sendiri bila baca entry ni. nasib kau la farahin. kekekeke.

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