Thursday, August 7, 2014

why complain too much?

it's semester break...for the 5th time of my degree life doing law.
as usual, the moment we're stuck in hell busy week during the semester, we always wonder how nice it is to have a sweet cozy holiday doing nothing but laying on the bed and have awesome food, sleep and do some random favourite stuff all day. 

but then, after few days of semester break, i always lost focus on 'enjoying' my holiday. the boredom starts filling up my day no matter how many hours i've sleep, how many awesome food i've eat and things i enjoy so much become not so enjoyable?

In this boring moment, I start to wonder why does my university give very pack schedule during the semester and very long semester break. people become very unproductive and rush all the time to catch up with the studies, assignments, presentation and etc...and me, become very unproductive having my long semester break doing nothing. i mean, do something that get me bored. 

hell yeah...still, it is holiday...way better than nothing. stop complaining. just do the best in every moment of your life farahin. i hope i could improve something or maybe discover new things during this semester break. i hope it is not another wasted time that makes me regret later.

so, that's it for my first post of blog that i've made up to share my boring day that has just begun. hehe.

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